EZHNT Inc. is Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. What started out as an idea to make the overall hunting experience easier, has now turned into the journey of a startup company. Co-owners Zach Galindo, Caleb Cole, and Malwina Najbar started with just a dream and are now on the way to making it into a reality.

What is EZHNT?


We are a company dedicated to helping hunters find privately owned land from the comfort of their own home. Simply search through our catalog of properties and find one that suits your needs. All you have to do is click to book and you’re all set. We make the process extremely easy and hunters can book for as little as a day.


Landowners can post their property in our catalog for hunters to lease. Landowners retain complete control over who is allowed, how many hunters can attend, when hunters can book, the minimum duration of booking and more. We believe in the rights of the landowner, therefore, we do not have a say in the decisions landowners make with their property.

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